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Can a country run entirely on renewable energy?

Portugal proves that it can be done, running for 107 hours exclusively on electricity from renewable sources.

Source: CNN

Our Focus

Enercoutim has developed and is currently managing the Solar Demonstration Platform in the Municipality of Alcoutim, the Algarve, Southern region of Portugal. The shared renewable energy infrastructure of the Solar Demonstration Platform currently has a production capacity of 4 MW split between 3 CPV technologies; the significant expansion of the installed capacity is under development. The platform operates on 100ha and combines renewable energy generation, new innovation driven energy models and  sustainable agriculture models.

Enercoutim is facilitating the development of microgrid pilot projects in the Algarve region, supports R&D activities through its NZEB SOLAR LAB facility and recently developed research infrastructure. It operates the platform under plug and produce approach and currently works on integrating energy storage facility.

Our organization is active in various European and International Research and Innovation programs.






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Q1. What does Renewable Energy mean to you?

Q2. How do you envision future development of Renewable Energy?


Enercoutim’s main goal is to promote, develop, and support renewable energy projects and decarbonizaton of the economy and to attract and advance further technology developments in the sector, through the Martim Longo Solar Platform, which is located in the Alcoutim Municipality, the Southern Province of the Algarve, Portugal.

Martim Longo Solar Platform occupies 42ha and has developed a fully infrastructured services area. The platform provides renewable energy infrastructures, research and development support as well as monitoring, demonstration and testing, commercialization and promotion of different cutting-edge solar technologies.
The Platform is a renewable energy production infrastructure that was structured to support various activities enhanced by the excellent local solar (DNI levels) conditions. It currently hosts solar concentration technologies, and offers a wide range of services, including shared engineering services, support infrastructure, operations management, security, research, commercialization and marketing, and others.
Furthermore, Enercoutim aims at and is actively working on launching new demonstration and/or R&I pilot projects, and will be supporting new ventures in the renewable energy, smart grids and smart cities sectors. It actively promotes sustainable use of the endogenous resources of the Alcoutim region.






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Headquarters: Centro de Artes e Ofícios, Rua das Tinas 1ºE, 8970-064 Alcoutim