Benefits / Advantages:

Under terms specifically set forth by the Board, members may benefit from all services of the Association, including:

a) The hosting, promotion, development and support of projects for the generation of renewable energy and the attraction and dynamization of technological activity linked to the renewable energy sector;

b) The rendering of services to the companies, in which will be integrated, among others, the coordination of projects; The organization of fairs, exhibitions and congresses; Information and technical support; Promotion of business and investment, including the holding of business missions; Education and training; Promotion and dissemination of Science and Technology and entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship;

c) The relationship and collaboration with national or foreign counterparts of the Association, as well as entities that promote the development of renewable energies or energy efficiency;

d) Participation in events of interest to the Association.

Under terms also defined by the Management, members may obtain technical, commercial or other information that is available for use by its members.

More information:

1. May be admitted as members any individuals, as well as collective people, whose statutory purpose is not incompatible with the Association.

2. Such individuals and collective people may be both Portuguese and foreign.

3. The admission of members in any case depends on the deliberation of the respective Board.

4. From the deliberation that approve or reject the proposal of member, will be informed to the candidate.

5. Each member will be given a certificate proving the membership, of a model to be approved by the Direction.

1. The rights of members constitute:

1.1. To benefit from all the services of the Association, and to obtain information that it has available for use by its members, under the terms defined in the following article.



1.2. Benefit from the sharing, usufruct and transfer of assets, equipment and rights of the Association, under the terms and conditions defined by the Management.

2. Members shall be obliged to pay an annual fee / quota in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation, as well as to refrain from any conduct likely to prejudice the good name of the Association or contrary to its purposes and conduct carried out by the Association in the exercise of its activity.

3. Only members whose payment of the above annual fee / quota is up to date may exercise their rights.

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