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Q1. What does Renewable Energy mean to you?

Q2. How do you envision future development of Renewable Energy?

Q1: “A unique opportunity to tackle climate change and geo-political challenges. We are going from a “dirty” to a “clean” era, which is creating benefits and opportunities for everyone.”

Q2: “A continuous effort in technology, integration and finance. The creation of a level playing field in which renewables can compete on equal footing, such that market forces can drive the sustainable growth necessary to achieve our climate change objectives.”

Q1: “Renewable energy is the way forward and has to become part of “cradle to cradle” of electricity and heat production. Distributed where needs to be, centralized where required, resilient.”

Q2: “The future is bright, the future is renewable and sustainable if we build it that way. One sustainable plant of any scale at a time. It is a long journey! ”

Q1: “An important opportunity for improvement at an economical, environmental and even political level, thus leading to significant changes a such levels.”

Q2: “It will move forward with great consistency, considering that countries and governments will be committed to moving forward with an ever increasing share of renewable energy sources and production facilities.”

Q1: “Energy resources that are naturally regenerate in a short period of time.”

Q2: “The future of renewable energy will be fundamental to the planet and its survival!”

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Q1: “Renewable energy is one that originates from natural sources, which are naturally replenished and is not limited, like the sun, wind, rain.”

Q2: “I believe that renewable energy will be an alternative increasingly strong, clean and healthy to the current dependence on exhaustible energy sources and pollutants.”

Q1: “It is an important asset to help us achieve a more sustainable, cleaner future. Renewable energy is no longer just an alternative, it is inevitable.”

Q2: “As the joint effort of individual, communities and countries to adopt and support the growth of Renewable energy on all levels.”

Q1: “Inexhaustible energy sources that can produce clean electricity to all!”

Q2: “With optimism. There will be more and more penetration of renewables for the production of electricity as well as transportation, and energy storage solutions are already there to help in the transition.”

Q1: “Renewable energy derives from resources restored by nature as part of the ecosystem.”

Q2: “Diversified renewable energy sources are increasingly important to protect natural resources and ecosystems.”

Q1: “Renewable Energy means fresh air, progress and a better future. For me, it’s a solution for a problem, the best way possible!”

Q2: “I see a bright future ahead. That we learn from the mistakes of the past, so we may never repete them. I see communities bonded in the production and consumption of energy in a sustainable but cleaner way.”